Water dispensers, wall hose holders & garden showers
Water dispensers
  • Color: 039 Graphite gray (DB 703)

    The water tap made of powdered stainless steel offers a convenient water withdrawal option in the garden. The puristic...

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    All about water: water taps, wall hose holders & garden showers

    When the gardening season starts, are you already up in arms with a double hoe and spade? Gardening is fun, of course, but it's also physically demanding. That's why we relieve you of the burden of carrying watering cans, among other things: Our water dispensers provide water directly at the bed. In addition, we save you from tripping accidents caused by a garden hose lying around and provide refreshment after a strenuous day. You can find our wall hose holders, garden showers and of course the water taps in our online store heibi-living. Outdoor kitchens, outdoor lights, garbage can boxes and more - HEIBI products come directly from our factory in Middle Franconia to your home.

    Water dispensers: no more lugging watering cans around

    A garden requires a lot of care: especially on hot days, plants need to be supplied with water. Running the same route five times with a full watering can quickly serves as strength training. However, if you prefer other types of exercise, you can make your daily routine easier: with watering cans from HEIBI. For example, lay a supply line from your cistern to the water tap and hide it under the turf. In contrast to the supply line, the water dispensers do not have to be hidden. In our online store you will find only models that are visually modern and attractive design. In addition, you can directly buy the matching watering can.

    Wall hose holder to dowel for a tidy garden

    A water dispenser is not worth it for you, because the garden hose reaches all the plants without any problems? Then provide more order by a wall hose holder. This will put an end to tripping over the hose - from now on you can simply wrap it around the holder. This way, the garden hose is compactly stored and protected. To attach the wall hose holder, you only have to dowel it to a wall. The fastening material is supplied directly. So you can order your wall hose holder from us, have it conveniently delivered to your home and hang it up directly. So the garden season is fun!

    Refresh yourself after sunbathing with a garden shower

    Not only your plants are happy about a refreshment in the summer - a few hours in the sun quickly make you crave for a cooling. For this purpose, above-ground pools are popular, but they have numerous disadvantages - from the high water requirement to the complex installation. So that you can still enjoy cool water, we offer outdoor showers. Connect them to the water supply and enjoy the 140 jets of the rain shower head. Once you are refreshed, you can relax and disassemble the garden shower and roll it back to its place in the shed and you will have space in the garden for other activities again. Of course, the garden shower is also suitable as an addition to a pool. So you can wash off sunscreen residue before you splash.

    Buy garden showers, wall hose holders & water dispensers online

    HEIBI products for the garden - from water dispensers to parcel boxes to outdoor lights - are Made in Germany. During the entire production process, we work with extreme care, so that a high-quality long-lasting result is guaranteed. Robustness is ensured by the materials. Because our water tap columns, wall hose holders and garden showers are made of stainless steel or powder-coated steel and are therefore weatherproof and rust-free. If, contrary to expectations, rust should nevertheless occur, a 10-year warranty applies in such cases. Even if you need spare parts, we will be happy to help you. Simply contact our competent customer service or visit us in our factory outlet.