Petromax fire pots for cooking, roasting, frying & baking.

Whether hearty goulash, fine bread or fluffy cinnamon buns - with a Dutch Oven your outdoor cooking possibilities are unlimited. You can cook, fry, deep-fry or bake your food gently over an open fire without much effort on your part. Already in the Wild West, the so-called fire pots were used. Today they are celebrating their revival and are particularly popular from one brand: Petromax. The German manufacturer convinces with an optimal price-performance ratio. Due to this, we carry a large selection of Petromax fire pots and matching accessories in our assortment. So you can choose the desired size in our online store and directly order a lid lifter, coaster or a fire bridge to it.

Dutch Oven from Petromax: easy handling & aromatic result

Petromax fire pots convince in many respects. For example, their special surface structure ensures ideal heat distribution. The all-round heat gives your dish a unique taste and the lid can even be used as a serving plate or pan. In addition, you can stack the Petromax fire pots on top of each other and clean them easily after use. This is because the Dutch Ovens have a pre-treated surface that allows for immediate use and easy care. But how to use the cast iron pots? You have a choice: a fire pot can be placed directly on the embers or in the grill, but also hooked to a fire bridge or tripod. In uncomfortable weather, you can also conveniently put the Dutch Oven in the oven.

Petromax fire pots ft3, ft6, ft9 & Co. buy online

The thick-walled cast iron used for Petromax fire pots has first-class heat storage qualities. While the individual models do not differ in material and quality, they do differ in capacity. For example, a fire pot ft3 is sufficient for up to 3 people, while a fire pot ft6 is intended for a maximum of 8 people. A fire pot ft9 is enough for up to 14 people and a fire pot ft12 even for 20 hungry people. Complete your assortment with a fire pan, a loaf pan, a poultry roaster or similar. In our online store heibi-living you have the free choice between different Petromax fire pots and the associated accessories. Once you have decided on the appropriate products, you can sit back and relax: We will deliver the fully assembled order to your home free of charge anywhere in Germany. Would you like advice or do you have a question? Our competent staff will be happy to help you.