Trendsetting design combined with decades of tradition

Our success story began in 1934 as a locksmith's shop founded by Heinrich Birmann Senior. Today, as a third-generation family business, we are the technology leader for high-quality stainless steel, steel and aluminum products for the home and garden. These include, for example, mailboxes, outdoor lights, outdoor kitchen modules, fireplace accessories and garden accessories.

Garden figures

Garden decoration for every season. Discover our seasonal garden figurines.
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House numbers

Modern, classic or vintage - discover stainless steel house license plates.
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Outdoor lights

Modern outdoor lights - perfect light for your home. Discover our outdoor lights for home & garden.
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Discover the joy of grilling. Whether Heibi charcoal grills, gas grills from Napoleon or fire pots from Petromax - here is something for everyone!
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All about water: water taps, wall hose holders & garden showers.
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Square, round or oval stainless steel bell buttons.
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Garden furniture

Spring marks the beginning of the garden season. Find the right furniture such as a bench, towel rack or a garden socket.
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Discover our discontinued models and individual pieces with particularly attractive discounts.
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Modular outdoor kitchen -
Center of the garden

Whether it's a garden party or a romantic dinner under the stars: with the customized barbecue kitchen, you can spoil yourself and your guests with culinary delights in the open air.

Around barbecue

Sustainability at HEIBI

As a company, we see it as our responsibility to contribute to environmental protection. This is what we do for it:


We want to offer you products that last a long time. But when your HEIBI product has had its day, it can be recycled as often as you like thanks to the main components steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Even during production, we collect sorted sheet metal waste and feed it to the steel mills as raw material via a specialist disposal company.

We also ensure strict waste separation for the remaining waste. Recyclable materials such as paper and plastic are separated from residual waste and fed into the recycling loop. The wooden pallets on which the sheet metal is delivered are collected and made available for the generation of renewable heating energy.


Our coated products are mostly powder coated. No solvents are required in this process. So there are no emissions from solvent vapors, as with the wet paint process. The processing is absolutely harmless to the health of the employees. The workplaces are equipped with modern extraction systems and filter technology.

The water required for degreasing the products is completely treated and reused. For this purpose, we use an evaporator system that distills the impurities from the water and directs them into a disposal tank. This concentrate is disposed of in small quantities by a specialized company. The purified water is collected in a tank and made available to the plants as "fresh water". This means that there is no wastewater that is discharged into the public sewer system.

Renewable energy

We produce a good 20% of our electricity consumption with two of our own photovoltaic systems with a total connected load of 380kW for our own consumption. So our machines run on self-generated renewable energy when the sun is shining. On weekends, we feed the surplus electricity into the public grid.

We use the waste heat from our compressor units to heat the hot water for our washrooms. In this way, we do not need electrical energy or gas to heat the water, as the compressors are necessary for operation and the waste heat is a "waste product", so to speak.

Our outdoor kitchen

Black Edition

NEW: Outdoor Kitchen Black Edition

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