Pioneering design combined with decades of tradition

Our success story began in 1934 as a locksmith's shop, founded by Heinrich Birmann Senior. Today, as a third-generation family business, we are the technology leader for high-quality stainless steel, steel and aluminium products for the home and garden. These include, for example, letterboxes, outdoor lighting, outdoor kitchen modules, fireplace accessories and garden accessories.

Fire buck

Whether for your wood-burning stove, barbecue or fireplace. Our high-quality fire trestles are versatile.
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House numbers

Modern, classic or vintage - discover stainless steel house number signs
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Outdoor lights

Modern outdoor lights - perfect light for your home. Discover our outdoor lights for home & garden.
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Doorbell buttons

Square, round or oval stainless steel doorbell knobs.
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Cloakroom bench

A HEIBI cloakroom bench is practical in many ways: it serves as a place to store bags, keys, newspapers etc. as well as a cosy place to sit while waiting for family members.
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Discover our discontinued models and individual items with particularly attractive discounts.
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Robust Christmas tree stand with water tank

A solid construction is the most important feature of a Christmas tree stand. In addition to this feature, our dark green models impress with their durable material and the fact that they are equipped with a water tank. This can hold up to 6 litres of water, which ensures that you don't have to refill it for up to six days.

If you choose a Christmas tree stand with a pedal, you save even more time and effort, as the Christmas tree stands up almost by itself.

Firewood trolleys - convenient transport of firewood

No more endless lugging: with a log trolley, you can transport firewood quickly and conveniently from the store to the stove. You can even manage steps effortlessly thanks to the large wheels of the wood trolley.

Thanks to its depth of at least 42 centimetres and height of 77 centimetres, it can hold numerous logs, which you can push or pull to your wood-burning stove without straining your back.

Fireplace cutlery - the must-have for all fireplace owners

Fireplace cutlery is indispensable for operating and cleaning a fireplace. It consists of a poker, a chimney shovel, a chimney broom and optional chimney tongs.

In addition to its practicality, HEIBI fireplace cutlery is also an impressive decorative accessory. In our online shop, you will find various materials and styles so that you can choose the right model for your stove.

They all have one thing in common: they are manufactured with great care in our factory in Middle Franconia.

Sustainability at HEIBI

As a company, we see it as our responsibility to contribute to environmental protection. This is what we do:


We want to offer you products that last a long time. But when your HEIBI product has had its day, thanks to the main components steel, stainless steel and aluminium, it is recyclable and can be returned to the recycling cycle as often as you like. We collect the sheet metal waste produced during production, sort it by type and send it to the steelworks as a raw material via a specialised disposal company.

We also ensure strict waste separation for the remaining waste. Recyclable materials such as paper and plastic are separated from residual waste and fed into the recycling cycle. The wooden pallets on which the sheet metal is delivered are collected and used to generate renewable heating energy.


Most of our coated products are powder-coated. No solvents are required for this process. There are therefore no emissions from solvent vapours, as is the case with the wet paint process. Processing is absolutely harmless to the health of employees. The workstations are equipped with modern extraction systems and filter technology.

The water required to degrease the products is completely treated and reused. For this purpose, we use an evaporator system that distils the impurities from the water and channels them into a disposal tank. This concentrate is disposed of in small quantities by a specialised company. The purified water is collected in a tank and made available to the systems as "fresh water". This means that no waste water is produced that is channelled into the public sewage system.


We produce a good 20% of our electricity consumption with two of our own photovoltaic systems with a total connected load of 380 kW for our own use. This means that our machines run on self-generated renewable energy when the sun is shining. At the weekend, we feed the surplus electricity into the public grid.

We utilise the waste heat from our compressor systems to heat the hot water for our washrooms. This means that we do not need any electrical energy or gas to heat the water, as the compressors are necessary for operation and the waste heat is a "waste product", so to speak.

What our customers say: