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    An elegant combination to our letterbox series PINA or solo: the newspaper roll FUSIO is a stylish eye-catcher. Rational in...

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      Objective design language instead of ornamental playfulness. The minimalist designed newspaper roll is not only trendy...

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        The minimalist designed newspaper box is a stylish eye-catcher. In its timelessly elegant appearance, it suits any...

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          Our Nosto products combine the romantic and inviting look with today's demands on materials and handling. Each piece is...

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          Newspaper roll SCATALUX,...
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          The minimalist designed newspaper roll is not only trendy because of its shape. Powder-coated and available in two different...

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          Newspaper roll DORATO
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          The extravagant newspaper roll gives your entrance area a personal touch.

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          Classic newspaper rolls & newspaper boxes with lid from HEIBI

          Internet newspapers are not to everyone's taste. A large readership still cannot do without the printed editions. However, for this to happen, the newspaper must arrive in one piece: A leaky or overfilled mailbox can be its undoing. If it is crumpled or soaked, relaxed reading quickly turns into guesswork. This can be prevented with a classic newspaper roll. It ensures that there is enough space in the mailbox for the mail and protects the newspaper from wind and weather. In HEIBI's online store you will find simple newspaper rolls and extra secure newspaper boxes.

          Large selection of newspaper rolls: made of polished stainless steel, in antique design & more.

          Bargains have you always missed? You will not miss the discount on the detergent or coffee thanks to brochures. These now no longer clog the whole mailbox, but find space in the newspaper roll. Often, this is integrated directly into the wall mailbox or floor-standing mailbox - but if you only notice the need for a newspaper roll over time, you can purchase it separately. You have the choice between different designs, which are coordinated with our HEIBI mailboxes. In this way, we enable a uniform appearance. Consequently, our offer includes, among other things, modern newspaper boxes made of polished stainless steel and models in antique design that give off a touch of nostalgia.

          Buy large or compact newspaper boxes in the HEIBI online store

          Whether a simple newspaper roll or a newspaper box with lid - you get the incomparable HEIBI quality. Our products are Made in Germany and robust against the weather. However, if something should break on your newspaper box, it is taken care of with our long lasting spare parts service. However, our customer-friendly service does not end there: our delivery of the fully assembled product is free of charge within Germany. To make it so, when choosing your newspaper box, you not only have the choice between the models in the online store heibi-living, but you are also welcome to approach us with a special request. In addition, we offer a 10-year warranty against rusting through of your newspaper roll.