Sturdy stainless steel grill grate made of food grade stainless steel.

    Price €69.00

      The wrought iron pan with a diameter of 32 cm.

      Price €85.00

        A grill skewer is indispensable for grilling roll roasts, chicken and other goodies. Our barbecue skewers are available as a...

        Price €35.00

          The practical tea and coffee percolator for indoors and outdoors.

          Price €50.00

            The grill cover is made of woven 210D oxford fabric with water-repellent back to protect against rain, snow, sun and dust....

            Price €39.00

              The practical tea and coffee percolator for indoors and outdoors.

              Price €50.00

                The grill basket is used like a barbecue skewer with the matching charcoal grills. Fish, meat or vegetables are simply...

                Price €85.00

                  The small percolator made of stainless steel with glass knob for tea and coffee specialties.

                  Price €70.00

                    This grate does not necessarily require a barbecue: simply placed on the stones by the campfire, grilled food can be enjoyed...

                    Price €15.00

                      Sturdy grill grate made of high quality steel, chrome-plated. Fits Grill 51154.

                      Price €45.00

                        The large percolator made of stainless steel with glass knob for tea and coffee specialties.

                        Price €90.00


                        Barbecuing is an integral part of a garden party with friends and neighbors. But now far more ends up on the grill than just sausages and steaks: from pizza to cakes to stews, almost anything can be prepared on it with the right accessories. Not only the possibilities with a grill are almost endless, but also the selection of devices. So that you can enjoy your gas, charcoal or electric grill for a long time, you should not fall back on the first offer, but pay attention to first-class quality. In our online store you will find grills from well-known partners as well as models that we produce ourselves in our factory in Middle Franconia. Now you just have to decide on the type you want - we'll help you. 

                        Which grill suits you? 

                        Before you decide on the type of fuel, it is important to determine the appropriate size of the grill. For how many people do you grill on average? If you like to celebrate large barbecue parties, the grill surface should be accordingly larger than if you only spoil your family with grilled food. As a rule of thumb, you can orient yourself to 2000 cm² of grill surface for two people. For each additional hungry guest, simply add 250 cm². Once you know the size you need, it's just a matter of finding the right place for your grill. To do this, it's best to keep as much distance as possible from your neighbors so that you don't bother them with the smoke. 

                        Gas, electric or charcoal grill? This type of fuel is suitable for you 

                        The choice of fuel is also related to this aspect. If you have a large garden, you can use charcoal grills without a bad conscience. These are very popular because of the typical smoky aroma. As much fun as a charcoal grill is - if you can only grill on the balcony with neighbors all around, an electric grill is probably the better choice because of the smoke development. They haven't enjoyed too much popularity yet, but they are extremely space-saving and the temperature is easy to regulate. This also applies to gas grills, which also heat up quickly and almost clean themselves thanks to pyrolysis.  

                        Instead of a classic grill: fireplace, outdoor kitchen or camping grill 

                        Instead of classic grills, garden owners can also opt for fireplaces. Garden fireplaces, for example, combine the advantages of a charcoal grill with those of a warming fireplace. You can use both firewood and charcoal for them. The same applies to swivel grills. Furthermore, there are grills in the distinctive spherical shape. This ensures ideal heat circulation. You are best equipped with an outdoor kitchen. Here you can expand the desired grill with practical modules such as a refrigerator, shelves or rinsing module. If your space is very limited, camping grills are also an alternative to the classic grills. You can set them up as needed and then store them folded away to save space. 

                        Optional grill equipment or mandatory accessories? Pizza stone, sizzle zone & more

                        Whether it's the handy camping grill or the top-equipped outdoor kitchen: grills can be turned into true all-rounders with the right accessories. Conjure up a crispy pizza with the help of a pizza stone, for example, or a vitamin-rich vegetable pan with the help of a wok. Also popular are Petromax fire pots, with which you can cook soups, stews, sauces and more over the flame. Some Napoleon gas grills even come with an extra hot plate or sizzle zone. This infrared burner heats up to around 800°C, making it ideal for searing a steak. In addition to the optional extra equipment, there are also essential accessories such as grill gloves, grill utensils or cleaning agents. For a safe use of your grill and optimal care, these accessories are essential. 

                        Napoleon, Big Green Egg, Petromax & HEIBI: buy high-quality grills & accessories 

                        Inexpensive grills are sufficient for the annual sausage. However, if you like to grill more, a high-quality grill will pay off. You can find them in our online store heibiliving and in our factory outlet in Middle Franconia. Whether you want to buy the grill online or on site - our competent staff will be happy to advise you so that you can decide on the right model. There is one thing you can rely on with our entire range: quality. We manufacture our grills and accessories in part ourselves in our factory and also rely on partnerships with the high-end brands Napoleon, Big Green Egg and Petromax.