Frequently asked questions about HEIBI products

Yes. We build your individual product to measure in top quality. You want a product in your favorite color?
No problem: From a single piece to a small series, we will be happy to make you an offer.

Please contact us:
Mr. Jürgen Rögele
Phone: +49 (0) 9857 709-22

HEIBI vouchers can only be redeemed when purchasing via the online store Please note the expiration date. Only one voucher can be redeemed per customer and purchase and cannot be combined with other promotional vouchers or discount coupons.

Subsequent redemption or payout is not possible. The vouchers are not valid for HEIBI employees and HEIBI retail customers.

To cancel your account with HEIBI Living, please write an email with your request and your customer number to our customer service. This cancellation can be written informally. You do not have to meet any deadline.

Send your cancellation to the following e-mail address:
Please make sure that you send the cancellation from the e-mail address that you used to register your account with HEIBI. If you can't do that, you should include the address in your mail.

You can also cancel your account in the traditional way by mail. To do this, send a letter with your request and your customer number to:
HEIBI-Metall Birmann GmbH
Marketing Department
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 62
91626 Schopfloch, Germany

Questions about the ParcelLock parcel box:

No. Our model is powered by batteries. You can use two normal AA standard batteries for this purpose. Please note that the performance of standard batteries can decrease by approx. 40% from a temperature of 0° C onwards. This causes them to discharge more quickly or slows down operation. If necessary, we recommend the use of lithium batteries, which are more resistant to cold and have a very long shelf life.

ParcelLock GmbH
Mittelweg 162
20148 Hamburg, Germany

Service telephone: +49 (0) 40 60776000

Mon-Fri: 10-18 o'clock
(local rates from German landlines - mobile rates may vary)

No. The ParcelLock system currently only works in Germany. The activation of the DauerTAN can currently only be done with a German address.
The company ParcelLock GmbH is currently in the planning phase and in talks with parcel service providers in Austria. We will keep you up to date.

The most important questions around the outdoor kitchen:

The heart of an outdoor kitchen is the grill. The basic equipment also includes a sink and a refrigerator.
Furthermore, countertops, gastronorm containers and storage space are practical.

Almost all outdoor kitchens are equipped with a gas grill. Why? Cleaning is easy, it heats up quickly and you can grill with a lot of power.
With the help of an infrared rear burner, you can even sear. For many barbecue fans, however, the only true solution is still the charcoal grill with its aromatic, smoky flavor. Complementary to this, an electric grill can be used.

An outdoor kitchen can be made of wood, stone or polymer material, among others. However, we resort to stainless steel for our outdoor kitchens, as the material is particularly durable and easy to clean, while also looking modern.

Questions about fireplace cutlery:

Each fireplace stove, tiled stove or Swedish stove includes the appropriate fireplace accessories. Suitable stove accessories include a fireplace set, a firewood basket or a bellows. The fireplace set or fireplace set has the necessary tools for cleaning the fireplace.

A complete fireplace set usually consists of a poker (fire hook), a fireplace shovel (ash shovel) and a fireplace broom (sweeping broom).
Some fireplace set is additionally equipped with a fireplace tongs (fire tongs). As a matching set, these individual tools are available at heibi-living as a fireplace set or fireplace set.

We manufacture fireplace cutlery from steel, wrought iron and stainless steel. These materials are very suitable for making fireplace tools.
As is often the case, the choice of material is a matter of personal taste and interior style. Wrought iron is a very traditional material.

That's why hand-forged fireplace tools look perfect in "country living style" or in romantically decorated rooms. Our steel or stainless steel fireplace accessories emphasize modern living spaces with their modern shapes and eye-catching shine in the material. Stainless steel fireplace accessories are still very popular. Stainless steel always looks elegant and does not rust.

Dirt and ash are most easily removed with the fireplace shovel and broom. The shovel and broom are used to remove ash from the cooled combustion chamber. The poker is used to stoke the embers, position the fuel and clean the grate.

The poker or fire hook is thus an important utensil in the fireplace set. The deeper the stove, the longer the fireplace poker must be to keep the user as far away from the heat as possible. The fireplace tongs are used to place briquettes or logs into the firebox while the stove is in operation. For pellet stoves, the stove tongs are irrelevant.