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Durable metal Christmas tree stands

A Christmas without a Christmas tree is hardly imaginable. But just the search for a suitable tree is often difficult: Is not too skinny? But will the other one even fit in our living room? Since here already with the selection and the transport of the Christmas tree the nerves are strained, at least the setting up should be uncomplicated. Here we want to support you with our Christmas tree stands. With their solid construction and durable metal, these ensure that your Christmas tree stands securely. Order your Christmas tree stand now in our online store heibi-living and have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Now Christmas can come!

Christmas tree stand with water tank for large or small trees

The size of your metal Christmas tree stand depends on the height of your desired tree. If your Nordmann fir comes to two meters, a small Christmas tree stand is sufficient. However, if you want the tree to impress your neighbors and friends and is therefore around three meters high, you should opt for our larger model. Furthermore, our Christmas tree stands differ in the size of the integrated water bowl. Our products can hold up to six liters - this will last a coniferous tree with a height of two meters for three to six days and save you from having to refill it every day. You save even more time with the Christmas tree stands with pedal: With this, the tree sets itself up almost by itself. Because by pressing the pedal, the adjustment claws close around the trunk. An alternative to this are Christmas tree stands with screws, which you can tighten individually.

Christmas tree stand Made in Germany buy online

The products in our online store are designed to last - your Christmas tree stand will celebrate many Christmases with you. To make this possible, we resort to robust steel and manufacture the Christmas tree stands under constant quality control in our factory in Middle Franconia. Thus, our models are all Made in Germany. In addition, the metal Christmas tree stands also impress with their restrained design. We have chosen a natural green, which resembles the color of a Christmas tree and thus does not steal the show. Just choose the Christmas tree stand in the desired size and approach the next Christmas relaxed.

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