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    An open fireplace quickly provides warmth and coziness, unfortunately, the flying sparks are also part of it. Since flying...

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      The flying sparks are unfortunately one of the few negative side effects of an open fireplace. Since the flying sparks occur...

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        An open fireplace quickly provides warmth and coziness, unfortunately, flying sparks are also part of it. Since flying...

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        Spark arrestor 

        A cold winter evening with an exciting book on the couch - now all that's missing is a warming fireplace. So quickly stoke up the fire and enjoy the atmosphere. But this relaxed atmosphere can turn into a dicey situation: With open fireplaces, flying sparks cannot be ruled out. If sensitive materials such as carpets are in the immediate vicinity, a fire can quickly break out. This can be avoided on the one hand with a spark protection plate and on the other hand with a spark arrestor. You can find the latter in our online store. We offer spark guards made of a fine-meshed wire mesh as well as glass. Choose your desired model in our online store and order it conveniently to your home within a few days. 

        Why do you need a spark arrester? 

        The number of sparks depends on the type of wood you use in your open fireplace. Many softwoods such as pine, larch and spruce cause sparks due to their high resin content. The resin may take the last nerves away when cleaning the fireplace, but the sparks can become dangerous. Therefore, the floor should be equipped with a spark protection plate. But this will not protect you when you sit in front of the fireplace. Just as little as valuable objects standing nearby. The best possible protection against glowing splinters is provided by a spark screen. When choosing one, make sure that it is not too small and that it is of high quality so that it remains stable despite frequent use.  

        One-, two- or three-piece spark arrester made of glass or wire mesh buy online 

        In order to find the right spark arrester, you can choose between different sizes in our online store: For some fireplaces, a one-piece spark guard is sufficient, while a three-piece spark guard provides protection for large fireplaces. Furthermore, you have the choice between two materials: wire mesh is very temperature resistant, while glass provides an unobstructed view of the fireplace. A permanent load of maximum 200°C is no problem for the glass. No matter which spark protection you choose - place the spark protection about 20-30 cm away from the fireplace and you can enjoy the fire without any worries. 

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