Schubladen-Modul mit 1 Auszug, inkl. Aufsätze

You need storage space and a work surface at the same time? This module has a drawer and can be ordered with different attachments. The wooden cutting board is ideal for preparing the grilled food, while you can place your tools on the granite worktop. Furthermore, the drawer module can be ordered with an electric grill.


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Side trolley / work trolley:

  • 1 drawer V2A stainless steel
  • Handles made of V2A stainless steel
  • ball telescopic pull-out, stainless steel, with softclosing, load capacity 30 kg
  • 4 solid rubber swivel castors incl. locking brake
  • Working height: depending on attachment 92 to 94 cm

Thanks to the elaborate design, each drawer can be removed individually for cleaning and fitted with a drawer insert including Gastronorm containers as desired.

Data sheet

Material mix
For colored variant - made of stainless steel with high quality powder coating
61 cm
88 cm
53 cm
41 kg
050 Material mix
055 Deep black
10 years warranty against rusting through
Item is delivered assembled.
Water resistance
water can penetrate in case of heavy rain

Wooden cutting board:

  • with juice groove
  • oak, solid and robust
  • incl. plastic feet for holder, weather resistant
  • dimensions: W 59 x D 51 cm, H 6 cm
  • weight: 9 kg
  • Color: oak

Natural stone countertop:

  • black, satin
  • incl. stainless steel frame (V2A stainless steel) for bracket
  • incl. plastic feet for bracket, weather resistant
  • Frost and heat resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Dimensions: W 60 x D 52 cm, H 6 cm
  • Weight: 20 kg

Electric grill LeMax® II:

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Handles & housing insulated
  • Surface uncoated & scratch resistant, robust & sugar resistant
  • Lowered cooking surface
  • Rotary switch with 12 power levels
  • Firm stand due to rubber feet
  • Peak temperatures up to 380 °C
  • Even heat distribution
  • Dimensions: W 60.3 x D 44.9 cm, H 8 cm
  • Without grease drip tray - item no. 800014:
    - Dimensions of cooking surface: W 33.5 x D 33.5 cm
    - Weight: 9 kg
  • With grease drip tray - item no. 800015:
    - Dimensions cooking surface: W 33.5 x D 28.5 cm
    - Weight: 9,2 kg