• Briefkastenanlage 4er freistehend - Edelstahl
  •  Briefkastenanlage 4er freistehend - Edelstahl
  •  Briefkastenanlage 4er freistehend - Edelstahl
  •  Briefkastenanlage 4er freistehend - Edelstahl
Briefkastenanlage 4er freistehend - Edelstahl

Mailbox system 4er freestanding, stainless steel, function box, street names

The freestanding mailbox as a 4-piece mailbox system is easy to install, without the need for extensive construction work. Equipped with 4 bells and the possibility to install an intercom system, this system is ideal for an apartment building with 4 residential units. The built-in damping elements close the throw-in flap slowly and quietly!

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  • 4 x letterbox module "vertical", color: polished stainless steel
    - to be opened from left to right
    - drop-braked, water-diverting insertion flap (noise-reduced)
    - insertion format DIN C4 landscape
    - with mail holding bracket
    - water protection plate inside
    - rain gutter- high quality, stable lock with dust protection flap
    - individual key number
  • 1 x installation box incl. 4 x bell and cutout for intercom system
  • 1 x module with street names made of stainless steel, polished
  • 1 x profile tube crosswise for "vertical" and "wall" made of aluminum, color: graphite gray
  • 1 pair of profile tubes lateral (left and right) for "vertical" made of aluminum, 2-row, color: graphite gray
  • high quality, stable profile tube is suitable for cable feeding
  • high-quality roof profile, slightly protruding with sloping roof for optimal rain protection
  • dimensions letterbox: W 40 x D 12 cm, H 29 cm

The unit is an immaculate exhibit. The device for the installation of an intercom is mounted. The intercom itself is not installed.

Please specify the street name with house number when ordering.
Street and house number are made of a weatherproof foil and are mounted in our house.

Our letterbox systems can be put together as desired under the menu item > Am Haus > Briefkastenkonfigurator. In the HEIBI modular system "Letterbox systems" you decide on the number of letterboxes (an odd number is also possible), whether with or without lighting, optionally with bell button, intercom or foil sticker. Decide for yourself whether your mailbox opens to the right or to the left and which color your system should have!

HEIBI Metall
stainless steel
with high quality powder coating
111 cm
164.5 cm
15 cm
050 Material mix
10 years warranty against rusting through
Item is delivered assembled.
Plastic name tag with clamp frame
mounting set

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